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  • 31 Jan 2011

    And now a word from our foreign correspondent

    Our New York bureau chief has been quiet of late, but being snowed in has driven him back to his laptop:

    Angelo's New York Nelly News

    Gays in the Military a Threat to Wildlife

    When thousands of black birds fell from the sky on New Year's Eve in Arkansas, with no apparent cause of death initially visible, their wings had barely stopped flapping before the conspiracy nuts were speculating that the cause might be everything from secret military tests involving poison gas to UFOs or even the end of the world. The fact that a few weeks earlier thousands of fish had turned up dead in a nearby river only whipped the nuts up into further frenzy.

    But the prize for the most ludicrous bit of magical thinking has to go to Texas minister Cindy Jacobs, who managed to tie the demise of these unfortunate fowls to, of all things, the December repeal of the US military's Don't' Ask, Don't Tell ban on gays and lesbians serving openly in the ranks. And the link? The policy was originally implemented in 1993 by then-president Bill Clinton, who before that was of course governor of what state? That's right, ARKANSAS! Spooky. And to make it even eerier, the birds fell near a town called Beebe, and the current governor of Arkansas is named Beebe, though how that connects to DADT is totally unclear to this atheist. But one thing is absolutely clear to Cindy: God is not happy, and He just might take out a few of his other creatures to demonstrate His displeasure: "It could be because we have said it's okay for people who commit these kinds of acts to be recognized in our military for the first time in our history, there is a potential that there is something that actually happened in the land where a hundred thousand drum fish died and also where these birds just fell out of the air."

    Now how can you argue with airtight logic like that? The scientific explanation of course, turns out to be much more prosaic: The birds, who have poor eyesight and rarely fly at night, were roused by celebratory fireworks and died after receiving blunt head trauma when they flew into trees, buildings and such. But scientists are still flummoxed about what killed the fish, so maybe it's really just the lesbians that God is angry about.

    Posted by Angelo.



    nynellynews | nuts | nature | gay rights
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  • 30 Jan 2011


    Sad, awful and depressing.

    At the funeral of murdered Ugandan gay activist David Kato, the Anglican priest conducting the service railed against gays and homosexuality prompting an angry response from Kato's friends and fellow activists. A scuffle broke out and later local villagers refused to allow the burial. Eventually Kato's friends had to bury the body themselves.

    Africasia reports:

    A scuffle erupted Friday at the funeral of a murdered Ugandan gay rights activist after the presiding priest charged that homosexuality is "evil and will be punished by God."

    "You must repent. Even the animals know the difference between a male and a female," Anglican priest Thomas Musoke told mourners at the funeral of David Kato who was killed Wednesday at his home outside the capital Kampala.

    "How can human beings claim they don't know the difference between a man and a woman and that the two have different roles?" said Musoke, to shouts of support by some in the gathering.

    Musoke's role was already unwelcome to some mourners and his lengthy sermon that crescendoed with gay bashing riled the leader of the Sexual Minorities Group in Uganda, Julian Pepe, who pulled the microphone from the priest, sparking a scuffle.

    Read the rest.

    Reuters reports:

    Gay activists, wearing T-shirts featuring Kato's face with sleeves coloured with the gay pride flag, then stormed the pulpit and grabbed the microphone.

    "It is ungodly," the pastor shouted, before being blocked from sight.

    An unidentified female activist then began to shout from the pulpit.

    "Who are you to judge others?" she shouted. "We have not come to fight. You are not the judge of us. As long as he's gone to God his creator, who are we to judge Kato?"

    Locals intervened on the side of the pastor and scuffles broke out before he was taken away to Kato's father's house to calm the situation.

    Villagers then refused to bury the body at which point a group of Kato's friends, most of whom were gay, carried his coffin to the grave and buried it themselves.

    Read the rest.


    gay rights | world
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  • 27 Jan 2011

    Ugandan gay activist who was outed by paper beaten to death

    David Kato, a gay rights activist who was one of the people featured in a horrifying article in a Ugandan paper last year, has been beaten to death with a hammer in his home. The newspaper printed his picture and personal details like his address and called for he and the other 100 "top homos" to be hanged. The article sparked international outrage but the editor of the paper remained unrepentant. A number of the people featured in the article have since been attacked and forced in to hiding.

    Responding to news of the murder, the editor said:

    "If he has been murdered, that's bad and we pray for his soul. There has been a lot of crime, it may not be because he is gay. We want the government to hang people who promote homosexuality, not for the public to attack them. We said they should be hanged, not stoned or attacked."


    world | gay rights | crime
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  • 29 Dec 2010

    Now's the time to pop the question to that hot Brazilian who needs a permanent residency visa

    Because while I was on my Xmas break the Minister For Justice and Law Reform signed the commencement order for the Civil Partnership Bill.  Couples must register their intent to be "civilly partnered" (we need to work out an accepted, not clumsy, not silly sounding term) three months in advance, and can do so from Jan 1st, which means the first civil partnership ceremonies will take place on April 1st.


    gay rights | marriage equality | ireland
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  • 18 Oct 2010

    Ha! People resign in droves from the Lutheran church in Finland after comments on gays

    Gotta love the Finns! The mass resignations have the Church worried about it's finances (as tax from citizens goes to churches in Finland based on membership) and Archbishop Kari Mäkinen has asked people to stay with the church. He said it was unfortunate and incredible that people were leaving the church on the issue of homosexuality. 

    Full story HERE.


    europe | gay rights | religion poisons everything
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  • 18 Oct 2010

    Last of the pink triangles

    Rudolf Brazda, the last known "pink triangle" survivor of the Nazi concentration camps tells his story. Male homosexuals sent to the concentration camps were made to wear a pink triangle badge, in the same way that Jews were made to wear a Star of David.


    history | gay rights
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  • 10 Oct 2010

    Anti-gay riots in Belgrade at Pride march

    Thousands of police who were deployed to protect the Belgrades first Pride march since violence erupted ten years ago, fought running battles with anti-gay protestors. Rioting spread throughout the city, and up to 90 police officers were injured.

    On Friday up to 10,000 bigots, fascists, ultra nationalists, skin-heads and assorted religious nuts took part in an anti-gay march. Depressing stuff.

    Reports from The Irish Times and the BBC.


    world | gay rights
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  • 05 Oct 2010

    Appalling, horrifying, disgusting, and difficult to comprehend

    A reader at the Central European University in Hungary sent me these incredibly disturbing and upsetting pictures of an anti-gay campaign being run in a newspaper in Uganda. Notice the strap-line in yellow on the headline: "Hang Them".

    According to my on-line research, Rolling Stone (no relation to the US music magazine) is a relatively new tabloid in Uganda, and clearly it has decided to capitalise on the gay panic currently engulfing that country. The article, which is full of the most incredible hate, ignorance, misinformation and outrageous claims has to be read to be believed (I have transcribed the text from the larger photos I was sent). However, even more disturbingly, it then goes on to name gays and lesbians (I have removed the names), whom it claims are recruiting children, among other accusations, and promises to reveal more next week. It includes pictures of these people, and personal details such as descriptions, addresses, places of work, cars they drive. These people's lives are now in serious danger.

    "This newspaper's research now shows that a deadly disease has rocked the gay community in Uganda with dozens whimpering in untold pain and facing death. Some are being secretly flown to the United States and Britain for anal surgery to bind shattered flesh.
    Our research showed that most gays meet along Jinja Road based Mateos Bar in Kampala. They usually gather at this place on Fridays for meetings and recruitment. It's here that they assess the performance of their recruitment drives and initiate new members.
    During these meetings, new members are given nick names they will use in gay circles. A source said Mateos meetings are meant to target campus students who usually hang at the nightspot.

    Research also revealed that graduates are the biggest targets as they are desperate for opportunities of earning a living. They are promised jobs in gay organisations, education, sponsorships abroad, monthly allowances and connections to rich gays residing in United States, Norway, Canada and United Kingdom.

    The new members are also provided with gay blue movies, a list of gay websites and telephone numbers of representatives of gay organisations. At the end of every month, gays usually gather at homes of gay organisation leaders especially at Xxxx Xxxxxx's mansion in Makindye. Xxxxx is said to be Xxxxxx Xxxxx's girlfriend. At Xxxxx's place, wine is popped and sometimes, gays engage in orgies. Kasha usually hangs out at Effendy's bar in Kampala. We have accessed secret videos of top citizens enjoying steamy gay sex.

    This newspaper has also discovered that most secondary schools and tertiary institutions have been penetrated by gay activists to recruit kids. One Xxxxx Xxxxxx, a resident of Kampala, and Xxxxxx Xxxxx, are said to be behind this sinful project.

    The curriculum has been altered to include gay-promoting ideals with the view of brainwashing kids towards bisexual orientation. An informer said so far 10,000 secondary students have been recruited while 1000,000 graduates have been enlisted in gay organisations.

    But to combat a hostile state against them, gays have now resorted to spreading their propaganda across primary chools using debate and peer clubs, sports groups, and youth incentives.
    The lead funders of gay organisations are Healthy Wise in Uganda (funded by Swedish activists), Pink Therapy... [more listed]

    An insider said the organisations receive funding in billions which is now used to eat in to the moral fabric of kids."

    The article then goes on to list whom they describe as the “Who is who in homo world”, including descriptions of them, job details, personal information, and in some cases addresses.

    This is just so horrifying it's hard to comprehend. I can't even begin to imagine what life must be like for these people now. I'm not sure what even to suggest - what can one do? - but perhaps passing this on will help to rally some kind of response.

    Please spread this story.

    (and thanks to Bobby for sending me the pictures)


    world | gay rights
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  • 10 Sep 2010

    Californian judge rules that "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" is unconstitutional

    One of the most remarkable things about the US, when viewed from Europe, is the huge role that the military plays in the national conscience, in a way that's difficult for an Irish person to grasp. One reason of course, is that the US armed services are huge and have rarely not been involved in a war to some extent somewhere around the world in the last century, but that only goes some way to explain it. After all, our neighbour Britain has similarly been involved in most of the same wars, and yet doesn't fetishize it's military in the same way. The reasons are historical and social, and deep.

    (Of course the US fetishizes all the "uniformed services" to a much greater extent than we do - firemen, police, park rangers... I'm sure somewhere out there some sociology student has examined that, and no doubt gay pornography made for good reference material)

    So from our perspective, it can sometimes be difficult to grasp exactly how big a deal the issue of gays in the military is for Americans, and the American gay community in particular. Which is why the fact that a federal judge has ruled that the "DADT" policy is unconstitutional is a really big deal. No doubt the fact that it was a Californian judge will bring out the right wingers complaining about meddling liberal judges etc.

    Interestingly, the judge ruled that not only is the ban on gays in the military unconstitutional, but also that it harms the effectiveness of the forces, saying that it had a "direct and deleterious effect''. She also pointed out that troops suspected of being gay were allowed to finish their deployments abroad, with investigations and discharges not occurring until their return, demonstrating "that the policy is not necessary."


    usa | military | gay rights
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  • 08 Sep 2010

    Standing up for their gay parents

    The Irish Times talks to the children of gay parents about the legal loopholes that leave them without basic rights afforded to the children of straight parents.


    gay rights
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