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Bláthnaid McGee

Bláthnaid McGee

Bláthnaid is the most troublesome of Panti’s drag daughters and Panti worries about her. She drinks too much, she smokes too much, and she can’t be trusted around twinks. She falls over a lot — usually on top of a twink. She first started hanging around the bar when she was seventeen and too young to come in, so she would press her face against the windows watching The Panti Show and scaring the customers. The doorstaff took pity on her and would feed her carefully so as not to frighten her away. On her eighteenth birthday she crept timidly into the bar and no amount of shooing has been able to get rid of her. It was also the last time she was ever timid. Eventually Panti gave in and gave her a job. Panti has regretted it ever since but doesn’t have the heart to fire her.