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The Bar Mutts

The Bar Mutts

If you are in the bar in the early evening there’s a good chance you’ll meet Jack Russell terriers. Panti’s Penny, or Shane the manager’s Bruno and Pedro. Penny, as befits a queen’s dog, is rather aloof and is generally uninterested in you piffling humans. If she’s in an expansive mood she may deign to allow you to scratch her ears. Maybe. Unless you have a tennis ball in which case she’ll pretend she actually likes you.
Bruno is a big old softy and is convinced you have a tennis ball. You do have a tennis ball, right? TENNIS BALL!
Pedro has no idea what’s going on. Hang on, he’s just going to lie on his back and let you scratch his belly while he tries to work out what’s going on. Nope, still no idea. Hey. Do you have a tennis ball?